Thank you Minister Fassbender!


Dear Minister Fassbender,

Thank you so much for freeing up my weekends! I woke up this morning feeling so relieved that I won’t have to spend hours marking essays and projects thanks to the lockout!  I will now have the time I don’t usually have to visit friends and to complete  all my errands!

My friends are so pleased that they’ll be able to spend time with me because they usually don’t see me at all except during holidays because I’m always too exhausted from a stressful work week or because I’ve got hundreds of essays and assignments to mark on weekends.

I’m also relieved that I won’t be expected to contribute my thoughts about the new BC Education plan. I had been so excited to read about the new “learning environment” concept and had been spending time on weekends researching ways I could transform my classroom into a learning environment. But now I can free up my reading time for the many novels I have been meaning to read.

I’m so looking forward to getting home early next week! Usually I’m still at work until 7pm. I’ve had many dinners in my classroom when I’ve had to plan lessons and prepare for the next day. But now that my afternoons are going to be free, I can use up that gym membership I’ve neglected. I’m going to be so much fitter by the end of the school year!

Oh! About that! Thank you so much for starting my summer holiday early! My sister will be visiting from South Africa around the time you have set to lock me out of my workplace and so it’s just perfect! We’ll have more time to talk about the differences between the education system there and the one here. She never could understand why, 24 years ago, I gave up 13 paycheques a year, 100% medical coverage and a housing subsidy provided to all teachers by the apartheid government.

Sometimes I wonder that too when I try to stretch 10 paycheques over 12 months…

Between taking a mortgage holiday and using discount coupons provided by friends, I’m sure I’ll be able to show my sister many tourist spots in beautiful British Columbia, one of the richest provinces in Canada. I’m not sure I’ll be able to explain to her why it’s also the province with the highest child poverty rates, why a newspaper has an Adopt-a-School campaign or why our public education system is so poorly funded compared to other provinces. But I’ll try.

I’m a teacher. I’m used to trying to make sense of nonsense…

10 thoughts on “Thank you Minister Fassbender!”

  1. Well said and great meme ! This government makes it too easy to make fabulous memes.

    UNITED !

    BCTF member 27 years


  2. I too am thoroughly looking forward enjoying my “free” time on weekends away from unit planning, marking, cutting and pasting for my students! Also looking forward to enjoying full lunch hours and being able to enjoy eating with my collegues instead of photocopying, meetings and marking. Thank you Premier Clarke and friends-wish this had come sooner! Shannon, proud BCTF member and proud to ve a public educator


  3. I am really looking forward to having a work free lunch! I haven’t had one in a long, long while. I usually eat and work, eat and meet or eat and supervise. While I am looking forward to eating without work, meetings or supervision, my special education students will be missing out. I won’t be able to do extra planning for them, have meetings to discuss their education, make myself available to them and their parents nor supervise them while they participate in school activities. Thanks Minister Fassbender (I think) for the work free lunch.


  4. I am sorry this Government does not see education as an investment- LNG yes but our children? not possible.
    Please Liberal government, look past your own re-election and see the treasure that our children are!


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