Message from Future Taxpayers

future voters


We are future taxpayers. We are also future paramedics, nurses, electricians, firefighters, lawyers and doctors, but we notice that you appear to only be concerned about taxpayers and so we have adopted your language to help you to understand.

We are citizens. We have learned about the Magna Carta. We have learned about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We are quite confused about how what we learned in school about representative government, about responsible government looks so very different in the world outside our classrooms in BC today. We do not understand how our families are being represented when MLAs refuse to meet with our parents or ignore the letters our parents send.

We have learned about our rights to an education and we know you are violating those rights.

We are future voters. We will remember this summer of 2014 when 500 000 of us were held hostage by the BC Liberal party. We will remember that your government refused to give us what we needed in our schools and in our classrooms.

We will remember how much you spent on the roof for BC Place stadium and yet pleaded poverty when our public education system needed a fraction of the amount you had spent.

We will remember how you refused to do anything about the high numbers of children living in actual poverty.

We will remember how you refused to do anything about rising post-secondary tuition costs.

We will remember how our school year was abruptly shortened while you bullied our teachers. We will forever remember them eating their lunch on the sidewalks.

We will be part of the electorate in 2017.

We will carry out our responsibilities of citizenship and we will vote for a government that truly does put families first, that represents the needs of all citizens, that considers what future generations need and not just what corporations want to pay in taxes.

One thought on “Message from Future Taxpayers”

  1. Our young people WILL NOT forget. They are bright, engaged, caring and conscientious! I have faith in the future because it will be in their hands. ❤
    Thank you!


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