Thank you Christy!


Dear Christy,

Just wanted to send a quick thank you! Thank you so much for creating the conditions that injected new life into our democracy when your unethical actions galvanized citizens out of apathy. Many citizens have reacted as I imagine a spouse would when they discover that their partner has been cheating. They are enraged now that the scales of media obfuscation have been removed from their eyes and they have discovered what lies behind your smile.

Thank you also for creating the conditions that strengthened our union of teachers. Before this many of us paid lip service to the concept of ‘union’ but now, thanks to your repeated attacks and the unconscionable way you have treated us, we have connected with each other in ways we could not before. Now teachers all across the province know each other’s names, and know each other’s concerns and the names of each other’s children. We now know who we mean when we say ‘we’.

Thank you for also for providing the conditions for a summer long course, Public Education. It was taught mostly on social media but also at farmer’s markets and at coffee shops and sometimes even on the Skytrain! In fact, it was the kind of course that would have fulfilled at least two of the key elements of your new BC ED plan since it involved a lot of ‘personalized learning’ on personal computers.

In the Public Education course we studied topics such as Public Policy, Fiscal Policy, Media Literacy, etc. We learned so much! Thank you! We are going to be such great conversationalists at parties now!

Most of all, thank you for creating the conditions that led to conversations with parents in ways that are not possible during the very busy school year, or even on Parent-Teacher nights. Thank you especially for ensuring that class size and composition is now part of what parents notice when they look at their child’s classroom.

We’re  feeling extremely appreciated after hearing from many parents that they value what we do for their children. We know that they now know that we have their children’s best interests at heart and nothing you say can change that ever again.

Sorry! Didn’t mean to go on for so long! I know you must be really busy getting ready for your trip to India so I’ll end now.


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