Lazy Teaching

lazy teaching


I was accused of lazy teaching this week. The accusation came along with an outburst of frustration from some students after I had suggested that I would send a video link in response to a Question Box question: 


[When] you said “I will send you a video on this question” I wanted to scream. I look forward to Question Box because that’s when you talk to us and explain so thoroughly and it’s like a rollercoaster. You take us to places where our brains would never have gone on their own. You explain to us with emotion, something a random guy on the Internet cannot do. When you show us videos you take the lazy way out.

Any teacher is capable of sending a link of a video or giving us something from the textbook but if you are capable of actually explaining (which you are) then do it!

I don’t even understand anything a guy is saying in a video cause they talk fast and just say useless facts but you don’t. You explain, you connect.

I always talk about you and have something to say but that won’t happen if you become an ordinary teacher. Don’t be lazy!

I hate videos because they don’t have the same impact as someone who actually talks and interacts with us. Also, you were basically giving us advice and I’d rather have advice from someone I know and have known a bit and understand rather than someone who doesn’t know me. I can’t take their advice seriously because they don’t know me and I don’t know them.


I wonder if the proponents of ‘personalized learning’ know this about the way students who are digital natives prefer to learn?

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