‘Twas the day before school …

Teachers Jen Heighton and Susan Chung joined me in creating the following verses to express how we’re feeling today on the eve of our return to school.

‘Twas the day before school start
And students through BC
Are readying themselves for Covid 19

There is a new variant,
The one that moves fast,
From child to child
In their BCEd class.

It’s evolved a new spike
And moves so quickly though schools
That the WHO even gave us
More school safety rules

Why won’t the BCCDC evolve with the virus?
Give students masks and distance
In class to protect us?

‘Twas the day before school start
And all through BC
Our teachers are begging
For much better safety!

Will Dr Bonnie Henry
Hear all of our cries?
We want to stay healthy,
We don’t want to die!

Image by Susan Chung

‘Twas the day before school start
And all through BC
Teachers were prepping and marking
While suppressing high anxiety.

What of this new variant,
The one that moves fast,
From maskless child to maskless child
In each overcrowded class?

Why won’t BC’s PHO
Take heed of the advice
That UK scientists are sharing
So others don’t pay the price?:

“UK hospitals are crowded
You don’t have time to waste
The variant spreads fast
So put better safety measures in place.

“Our schools had B.C-like policies
But that allowed the spread
Through children then households
We wish we’d thought ahead

“So politicians around the world,
You’d better not wait
Until your hospitals are full,
By then it is too late.

“This virus mutates when it wants,
And yes, a vaccine is on the way,
But UK, South Africa, Nigeria
Show mutant strains are here to stay

“So learn from our mistakes,
Be prudent and smart,
To keep schools open longer
Break the chains at the start.”

BC teachers paid attention;
Knew their classrooms were packed,
Thought, “What do we do with this info;
How should BC react?”

Mandate masks, allow for distance
Hybrid learning can be done
Open windows, clean the air,
Safety should be number one.

‘Twas the day before school start
And all through BC
Teachers were fretful and frightened,
Demanding more workplace safety.

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